LOGO DESIGNERS: Why should big business be the only ones to shine in the limelight? At Romana Saeheng Photography and Design, we believe that small business can be just as glossy... even with a limited budget!!!

CREATIVE DIRECTORS: We love to hear about new projects that need direction. There is nothing like the feeling of being able to steer and control a raging bull! How sexy! Let us turn your project into something spectacular!

BUSINESS BUILDERS: With humble beginnings, we get how hard it is to launch yourself into the world of small business. In a world where looks are important - we can make your business look like a million bucks, with just a few!

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS: Oh how we love our weddings! On such an amazing day, you want your photographer to be cheerful, fun and enrich your experience. Our contemporary photographers are all that and more!

COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS: From realestate mugshots to product and fashion... We can cater to your needs! Want help with a brief or direction? We can help with that as well! Mobile or in house, we do it all!

PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS: With the something knocking at doors and the digital camera craze in full force... The family portrait isnt the same. It doesnt have to be that way! We can offer unbelievable value that includes 'that' special wow!