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Why did you decide to enter your chosen industry? I recently read a visual journal that my mother kept for me... I was 8 years old when I created this particular book and there was one page that really spoke to me... it was one line that read... "I am an artist". At the early age of 8, I knew that I would choose the creative industries. I was also one of the few in middle school that knew I would go on to study the arts at university... this dream lead to me to start my own business and to share my passion with all those around me.

I love the arts, being creative and turning the ordinary into something simply spectacular! That is definitely my forte and the reason why I chose such a creative industry. Every day brings something different and every single job that walks through my door is exciting! Work isn’t work to me, because let’s face it - I get to combine graphic design with photography and play all day!

What are your fav jobs? I love my weddings! It is that one day when everyone feels and looks amazing! People often ask me why I am so much cheaper than other Brisbane wedding photographers... I believe that everyone deserves amazing imagery on their wedding day and because I can work from my awesome home studio, I pass on the savings... so 'cheap wedding photographer' is a tag that I wear with pride. What you pay for, is NOT always what you get! Our wedding gallery is proof of that!

What do you aim to achieve in this role? Business goals? I’ve been designing everything from logos to magazines, and photographing everything from weddings to new inventions for over 10 years now. What I really want to do though, is continue to help other businesses grow and to be a part of their transformation. Why can’t small business look as professional and maybe even as ‘sexy’ as big business? After-all, it’s all about appearances isn’t it? Or is it ‘first impressions’ that count?

So while I might provide cheap logos, cheap graphic design, and cheap magazine layout - It NEVER looks cheap! It is always mind blowing and simply affordable!

How do you stay motivated? My babies and beautiful husband keep me motivated! Aside from working in an industry that is so much fun, the fact that I have the freedom to spend so much time with my young family keeps me very motivated. I know that my work and family life balance is more than what most women could possibly wish for and for this I am extremely grateful!


We will match a photographer to your style and photography flavour! Catch up with Romana in the studio, tell her all about your day, plans and desires for your day... We will design a photography plan based on all your requirements and match you

with a photographer who will truly capture the essence of you! Meet with your photographer of course... Over coffee is always a great way to get to know each other! The best part of your day is shared with us - we want you to feel like friends!